Monday, October 23, 2017

Thoughts On A Organization That Is Pure Evil

The Gun Lobby's interpretation of the Second Amendment is one of the greatest pieces of fraud, I repeat the word fraud, on the American People by special interest groups that I have ever seen in my lifetime ~ Warren Burger (9/17/1907 to 6/25/1995) Conservative Nixon-appointed SCOTUS Chief Justice (1969-1986).

The National Rifle Association, or the "NRA", in my opinion, is an organization that perpetrates evil in the name of the almighty dollar. I have been made fun of for voicing this opinion previously, although that was on the blog of a "disgruntled patriot" and gun nut going by Constitutional Insurgent.

I ended up getting banned from Libertas and Latte for my anti/gun-grabbing views. I think the bottom line for this guy was, because of the 2nd amendment, guns cannot be regulated. Even the little regulation we have is an outrage, as who would put up with regulating the 1st amendment (for example)?

But back to the NRA. For those at the top of that organization, money is more important that human lives. Of course they will say that what they're doing is protecting "2nd amendment freedoms", but that's bullshit. The Founding Fathers, instead of compromising on an issue the slave states felt strongly about (their slave patrols needed to stay heavily armed in order to prevent any uprisings that would deprive them of free labor), came up with an oddly worded amendment that protected the right of militia members to have guns.

A right that morphed into an individual (someone not the member of a militia) right to possess just about any firearm (and as many of them) as they desire. There was also the worry that a standing army could (at some future date) overthrow the government and we could end up with a military dictatorship. Of course, as everyone knows, we do have a standing army. So, in that regard, the 2nd amendment failed. We have a standing army that presidents use to wage war without the consent of Congress.

Additionally, due to the Conservative Supreme Court (and their "original intent" bullshit), an individual right to own weapons of death has expanded (Heller). As opposed to militia members having firearms to protect our country in case of invasion. Improbable as a Red Dawn-type occupation of the United States most certainly is.

So, the dotard-in-chief recently got rid of a rule put into place under Obama that restricted some mentally ill people from purchasing firearms. Just because he has to destroy anything that bears Obama's fingerprints. And because he's a Republican, and upholding our "2nd amendment freedoms" is expected of a Republican. Even though, following the Sandy Hook massacre, then not-seeking-to-be-BLOTUS Trump tweeted in SUPPORT of more gun control.

...[Trump] had previously criticized Republicans who "walk the NRA line" and wrote in his 2000 book, The America We Deserve, that he supported both a "ban on assault weapons" and a "slightly longer waiting period to purchase a gun". (Trump Supported Obama's Sandy Hook Massacre Response Calling for Gun Control by Tim Marcin. Newsweek 10/2/2017).

Now, of course, there will be no support for reasonable gun control legislation. After Newtown, and after Pulse there were calls for such legislation (which a majority of Americans agree with) that went nowhere. I have heard even less from the Democratic side following the Las Vegas shooting.

As per usual, all the talk shows following the shooting did the "somber open" and all the hosts said that THIS time something has to be done. But nothing will be done except for everyone getting somber and offering prayers. Useless shit, in other words. The Democrats staged a sit in last time. Seems that this time there will be no pointless and futile act of protest. The NRA has won. The carnage will continue.

Perhaps, eventually, the American people will come to accept it and eventually agree with Bill O'Reilly? The fired from Fox sexual assaulter said, following the Las Vegas incident, that these kinds of mass shootings are the price of "freedom". The freedom of the gun industry to sell to a (minority) of paranoid and stupid gun nuts as many deadly weapons as they can stockpile.

Apparently the NRA spent 30.3 million on pro-Trump and anti-Hillary ads during the election, which was "the most the NRA has ever spent on an election in history". So obviously Trump, who actually suggested that Pro-Gun-Death folks assassinate HRC if she won, isn't going to go against his "friends" in the NRA.

btw, did you hear that the NRA might be open to legislation banning bump stocks (device that allows auto-firing of a semi-automatic weapon)? Well, that turns out to have been bullshit. Not that it matters, as bump shooting can be accomplished without a bump stock, as a RW sockpuppet calling himself Beantown AntiFascist pointed out to me on the WYD blog.

(Video: How to bump fire a semi-automatic rifle from the waist 1:00).

Here's another video I found where the YouTuber shows how to bump fire from the shoulder. So the Beantown idiot said banning a bump stock was akin to banning a "stick". Although, it appears as though bump firing makes aiming tricky and can be tiring. Obviously the bump stock (while not necessary) does make bump firing easier.

Otherwise why would the Vegas shooter have purchased 12 of them? Why was there a rush on bump stocks following the shooting? As per Newsweek, the bump stock Paddock used (and remember he had 12) cost $389.99 each. I think that even someone completely ignorant when it comes to guns could deduce that bump stocks make bump firing easier. Otherwise why spend so much money to buy one?

And, just because you can't prevent people from doing something does not mean you can't deter them by making it harder (to do what you don't want them to). But if you can't solve a problem completely you shouldn't bother trying to do anything at all. At least that's the Republican take on the situation. That, plus the right to own guns "shall not be infringed", not the right to not be shot and killed by a nut wielding a semi-automatic weapon with a huge clip. That's a right you don't have. Sorry.

Image: Fake quote attributed to Hillary Clinton. Snopes says HRC "wasn't interviewed by the Register on that date, nor was she quoted in the Register on that date". But this is the kind of BS that Right-wing gun nuts and their supporters buy withOUT question.

SWTD #393

Friday, October 13, 2017

DJT Ran For The Presidency To Prevent HRC From Starting WWIII, Something He Discovered Would Happen After Traveling To The Near Future In Nikola Tesla's Time Machine

Note that this is a real "conspiracy theory" that also involves Mike Pence clones from the distant future, an Egyptian god and the use of magic (by DJT followers) to help Trump win the presidency (in addition to racism that is. The hate filled bigots also used ACTUAL magic).

As I discussed in "Shitposters of Free Kekistan" (WYM #15), (as per Wikipedia) "Esoteric Kekism... is a term for the parody religion of worshipping Pepe the Frog". "Kekism" is derived from the name of the Egyptian god Kek [1]. Kek, who has both a male and a female form, has "the head of either a frog or a cat".

The female form, "Kekuit", that is. The male form, "Kekui", has the head of a serpent. This is where Pepe, the anthropomorphized frog that the alt-right has adopted/stolen to represent their hate, comes in. While Pepe is often drawn as Donald Trump and is male, I would imagine he could take any form that he desires [3]. Given the fact that Pepe is actually the Egyptian god Kek (if I'm understanding this conspiracy correctly).

As for how Trump figures into this, my speculation is that, one day in ancient Egypt a man far removed from his own time appeared, catching the attention of the god Kek. That man was a time traveling Donald Trump. Being a God, and therefore immortal, Kek remembered Trump in the present and decided to grant Trump's followers the power to do "meme magic" (internet magic put into action via memes). In return for their worship of Pepe (the present day incarnation of Kek).

As for how Donald Trump came to be a time traveler, he did so via a machine designed by Nicola Tesla. Tesla, similar to Leonardo Da Vinci (who drew designs for a flying machine), never actually built a functioning time machine (although he did design one and conduct experiments). After Tesla's death his documents (including the time machine blueprints) were seized by the government.

Thinking there could be something of great value to be discovered in these documents, the government brought in scientist John G. Trump to look at them. John Trump discovered the plans for the time machine, but, instead of revealing his discovery to the government, stole them. Later he gave the documents to his nephew, Donald J. Trump.

Apparently technological advancements of the day, combined with the wealth of Donald Trump, allowed for construction of a working time machine. The future president, being a real estate mogul and not a scientist, used his wealth to pay others to construct the machine in secret. I'm guessing. There is a YouTube video that lays out the basic story, but it doesn't get into the specifics.

(Video: Donald Trump Time Travel Theory - Tesla, Barron Trump, Mike Pence and Meme Magic. Published by The Truth Factory 7/25/2017. RT 8:30).

Upon completion of the time machine, Donald Trump used it to travel to the future. What he found there convinced him that he MUST run for and be elected president of the United States. In order to alter the timeline by preventing Hillary Clinton from becoming the 45th POTUS and starting WWII. Presumably he then traveled to the past. Possibly looking for knowledge that would help him win the presidency and prevent nuclear destruction. Or a dystopian future caused by the election of the warmongering hawk Hillary Clinton (AKA "Hitlery Rotten Klintoon" or "Hildebeest").

For the record, real world proof of Trump's travels into the past exist in the form of the Baron Trump novels, which were a series of 2 fictional works published in 1889 and 1893 (tales similar to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, but which never attained anywhere near the same popularity).

According to the Youtube, narrated by a talking feline (cats being "sacred in ancient Egyptian society"), Trump's son Barron also time traveled (hence the title of the books). However, (as we all know) Trump himself used the alias "John Barron". Additionally, in Baron Trump's Marvelous Underground Journey, Trump apparently "flees from his entanglements with local women".

Trump used the "Barron Trump" alias to call the press (representing himself as his own spokesman) to brag about what a ladies man Trump was (something he also did using the name "John Miller"). I therefore say it was Trump the father and not Barron Trump the son who time traveled to the past and became the inspiration for the "Barron Trump" novels.

If the video by "The Truth Factory" is to be believed, that is. Which, of course, it is not. First of all, between the two, I am far more worried that Trump (as opposed to HRC) could start WWII. By provoking North Korea. According to Trump Secretary Tillerson is "wasting his time" trying to find a diplomatic solution to the North Korean problem. And, as per Defense Secretary James Mattis, we need "military options that our president can employ if needed".

Just recently Trump tweeted that he's in favor of regime change in North Korea. This after he criticized gwb for invading and occupying Iraq to depose Saddam Hussein (although the fool might believe getting rid of Kim Jong Un can be done easily by dropping a few nukes).

Additionally, as you've probably heard, Trump is mulling decertifying the Iran deal worked out by the previous administration. An arrangement that is preventing Iran from developing nuclear weapons. Apparently Trump wants Iran to have nukes. Remember Trump said "it's not like, gee whiz, nobody has them". So, looks like nukes for NK is a no, but nukes for Iran is a tentative yes.

Obviously this makes no sense, but I think we are possibly dealing with a madman. And, NO, I do not believe Trump is utilizing the "madman strategy" (maybe he thinks he is). What I'm saying is that Trump is crazy (a mentally deranged dotard).

Another reason to fear that our future might be a irradiated hellscape initiated by a Donald Trump button press on the nuclear football, IMO. A future I would have no fear of if the popular-vote-winning Hillary Clinton had assumed the presidency. Maybe we'd have more war (because yes, she is a hawk, but she isn't stupid-crazy (a dangerous combination of stupid and crazy).

But, for those of you who thought DJT wouldn't be a hawk, he did JUST declare that the Afghanistan conflict will continue. Despite criticizing Obama and tweeting (on 1/11/2013) "let's get out of Afghanistan". So, NO, I don't think he's any better on that front than HRC would have been. CNBC says Trump "won the White House in part on a policy of reducing engagement in foreign conflicts", but SURPRISE, he lied.

BTW, I have yet to mention that "Kek is the deification of the concept of primordial darkness". Sounds about right to me. That his racist followers would bow down to an evil god, that is. It might be that they THINK "the cult of Kek" is a "parody" religion, but it is, in fact, real. And the time traveling Trump did not go first to the future, but to the past. Where he caught the attention of Kek, who then sent Trump to an alternate future. A future in which the world had been destroyed by a nuclear conflict... started by Trump.

Although Kek told Trump that the world had been destroyed by Hillary Clinton, and that Trump had to run for president to "stop" her. Making DJT the ultimate #trumpdupe. A dupe in Kek/Pepe's plan to wipe humanity from the globe and return us to "primordial darkness". Or (much more likely, IMO) Kek/Pepe promised Trump godhood if he helped Kek/Pepe destroy the world (sounds to me like something the egomaniacal Trump would desire). And the most ardent followers of the Kek/Trump duo will (à la the Christian rapture) be spirited away. Perhaps to "Kekistan" and thus be saved... while all the "normies" and rest of the world burns [4].

(Footnotes below are excerpted from the SPLC article "What the Kek: Explaining the Alt-Right Deity Behind Their Meme Magic" by David Neiwert, 5/8/2017).

[1] In "the World of Warcraft online computer games... participants can chat only with members of their own faction in the war either Alliance or Horde fighters), while opposing players' chats are rendered in a cryptic form based on Korean; thus, the common chat phrase LOL (laugh out loud) was read by opposing players as KEK... at some point, someone at 4chan happened to seize on a coincidence: There was, in fact, an Egyptian god named Kek [who] was portrayed as a bringer of chaos and darkness, which happened to fit perfectly with the alt-right's self-image as being primarily devoted to destroying the existing world order".
[2] "during the Greco-Roman period, the male form [of Kek] was depicted as a frog-headed man".
[3] Kek "is a god of chaos and darkness" and that is "according to their own explanations".
[4] ..."ordinary people [are called] normies... in their lingo..."

Video: Absurdity linked to by a Pepe-worshipping fool on the #trumpdupe WYD blog. Trump faces off against the hated George Soros. #trumpdupes, FYI, embraced the term "deplorable" because they had already embraced the evil god Kek. Because they are evil (2:06).

Postscript: Regarding the Mike Pence clones (one of which is Tim Kaine's wife), they are from the far future, as I understand it. Apparently at least 3 Pence copies were sent back to the past - by "Mike Pence Prime" - to lend assistance to DJT.

SWTD #392

Saturday, September 23, 2017

The "Amazing Feats" Of The Mentally Deranged Dotard Predisent

I know words. I have the best words ~ DJT claim during a campaign stop in SC on 12/30/2015.

If I only told you the name, "American Liberty Report", I think you'd be able to guess that the're a Right-wing "news" source. Conservative news sources often use the words "liberty" and "patriot". The implication being that the Left is opposed to liberty and Lefties aren't patriotic.

Anyway, as per an email I received today, "Trump is curing some of America's deepest problems". Without clicking on the link and reading the story, my guess is that the "deep problem" Trump has cured is that a Black man was president.

After clicking the link I see that the problem Trump has solved is "extreme sensitivity". Sensitivity to what, you ask? The fact that Trump is an inarticulate buffoon who refers to countries that don't exist (Nambia) and uses words that don't exist ("unpresidented" and "covfefe").

Trump isn't America's first idiot president (gwb), but he is, due to his use of Twitter (the article says) accomplishing the amazing feat of curing the "extreme sensitivity" of people who realize that Trump is completely unqualified for the job of president.

This feat is accomplished by Trump keeping up a constant barrage of moronic tweets. According to the "American Liberty Report", "he has deliberately used Twitter to onslaught leftist ideology so relentlessly that they can't help but become desensitized to his words". So, people are getting used to Trump's idiotic tweeting, and for that he deserves praise?

America is suffering from oversensitivity. It is crippling our once unparalleled institutions of higher learning. Trump saw the issue, and he has already flipped the script on several classic battles. (How Trump Is Curing Extreme Sensitivity in the US).

Trump is exhibiting "real leadership on a level we haven't seen in ages" by using Twitter to "push buttons", forcing the Left to "get over their sensitivities". Remember when Obama was criticized for being "professorial". Yeah, that was awful, right? What we really needed, according to the Right, was a moron.

Now we have a moron, and he's shaking things up with his stupidity. Way to go dotard Trump! Can you f*cking believe it?! I know I sure as hell can't.

Image: The dotard Trump claims he has the "best words". "Dotard", btw, means "an old person, especially one who has become weak or senile". The dictator Kim Jong Un recently said (re Trump's threat to destroy North Korea), "I will surely and definitely tame the mentally deranged U.S. dotard with fire". Yeah I doubt it. The "tame with fire" part, and not the part about Trump being a mentally deranged dotard (he is). BTW, I am not saying that Kim isn't mentally deranged... this might be a case of "it takes one to know one".

SWTD #391

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Bill Clinton Predicted Trump Presidency. Then He & Obama Helped Bring It About

Angry people have become the middle of the political spectrum ~ Geert Wilders (dob 9/6/1963) a Dutch nationalist politician and fan of DJT who has been criminally accused of inciting hatred and discrimination.

Progressive Radio host Thom Hartmann has stated his belief many times that "whichever party first reinvents itself successfully will begin winning elections the way the Democrats did in the 1932-1968 era" [1]. The "reinvention" he refers to is to be pro-worker by opposing sending our jobs overseas.

Unfortunately this past potus election has proven that Thom Hartmann was right. I did not disagree, but I did hope that it would be the Democrats who reinvented themselves. The Democratic potus candidate should have been Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders has proven that he is pro-worker by opposing job killing free trade agreements. Bernie Sanders votes against them.

Barack Obama, on the other hand, championed the job killing free trade agreement known as the TPP. This was after suggesting that he might renegotiate NAFTA during his first campaign. Hillary Clinton (viewed by many as a 3rd Obama term) was initially in favor of the TPP. I say that if Bernie had not run that she wouldn't have flipped. She would have run as the pro-TPP candidate.

Trump, an outsider, was the right candidate at the right time. He ran against the TPP, which White Rust Belt Blue-collar voters knew would cost them their jobs. Trump also promised he'd stop brown people (here) and yellow people (overseas) from stealing their jobs (he played the race card). I'm not saying everyone who voted Trump did so because they're racist, but a LOT of them did.

The Trump presidency was, btw, predicted by former president Bill Clinton. He predicted the ascendency of a Trump-like leader with his New Covenant speeches (a series of speeches WJC delivered "at his alma mater, Georgetown University, in late 1991 to outline his political philosophy at the start of his campaign for the presidency").

WJC: ...we're offering a new radical approach to economics. Economics as if people were really important. If we offer these hard-working families no hope for the future, no solutions to their problems, no relief for their pain, then fear and insecurity will grow, and the politics of hate and division will spread. If we do not act to bring this country together in common cause to build a better future, David Duke and his kind will be able to divide and destroy our nation. (Excerpt from then-Governor Clinton's 11/20/1991 New Covenant speech).

Donald Trump offered "hope for the future, solutions to their problems, and relief for their pain" in the form of his rejection of the TPP. Bill Clinton signed NAFTA into law, which is why we got gwb [2]. And Obama and Hillary both spoke favorably of more job-killing free trade. Hillary reversed herself on the TPP, although she was pushed/forced to do so by Bernie Sanders.

Now, most of us know that Donald Trump is a con-man who just said what he needed to in order to get elected. But enough people were fooled. Previously middle class workers (White people in the flyover states, by and large) saw their jobs go overseas due to the Bill Clinton-signed NAFTA. And they feared that it was going to happen again. Obama (for some bizarre reason that baffles my mind) tried to sell the same snake oil [3].

He thought he could ram it though before his administration ended, I guess. Hillary Clinton reversed course because of Bernie Sanders. "I've got to be more like Bernie" she decided (because the voters were responding to Bernie's anti-TPP stance). But the damage was done. Nobody believed her. The White middle class who lost (or could lose) their good paying jobs because of job killing free trade didn't believe her (btw, I thought the bill would pass before the Obama administration came to an end, Obama would sign it into law, HRC would be elected, then she'd put the blame on Obama).

She wanted it, but wouldn't touch it (if she were elected and it had not passed) because it would damage her politically. This is why I blame Obama and I blame both Clintons for the Trump presidency. Trump hijacked the Republican Party and "reinvented" it. Thom Hartmann knew whichever party was first to come out against job killing free trade would win. Bill Clinton PREDICTED what would happen if he failed to offer these workers "relief for their pain". But he went ahead and signed NAFTA anyway.

According to Thom Hartmann, "Donald Trump lead a full-scale war against the Republican establishment and elites, particularly through his attack on both their military and their trade policies". Trump, as president, chucked the TPP. An easy campaign promise to fulfill. The military situation we're in is another story.

He strongly opposed continuing the futile fight in Afghanistan as a candidate. Now he sends more troops? Did that disillusion some of the #trumpdupes? I suspect some were disillusioned. Others will continue to believe that anything Trump does is great. Because he's White. According to the racist blogger Rusty Shackelford.

Rusty Shackelford: Now, now WD... even you would have to admit DJT is so much stronger then the moolie. We are fine with the Pres changing his mind after having all the information presented to him... that's the sign of a strong leader... not a limp wristed dufuss. (8/21/2017 at 9:44pm).

"David Duke and his kind will be able to divide and destroy our nation", Bill Clinton warned. Now it has happened. At the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville David Duke said "the event represented fulfilling the promises of President Trump". He was talking about White racists "taking our country back" after a Black guy got elected president twice.

Regarding Trump's hardcore base, Jamelle Bouie writes (in a 9/1/2017 Slate article) "it's become harder to deny that people support the president not just for being president, but for his core message of White resentment and grievance" (visit the WYD blog and you'll see what I mean).

Bill Clinton both predicted and helped bring this disaster about. His signing of NAFTA and Obama's championing of the TPP lead directly to Trump. Trump was the "white resentment and grievance" candidate. Of course the majority of us realized that Trump was a huge liar and saying whatever he needed to to get elected (except for the racism stuff. Trump IS a racist). This is why he lost the popular vote (the smart people voted for Hillary).

Trump did get rid of the TPP, however. But Bernie Sanders would have done that. Then go on to champion programs to help people harmed by decades of job-killing free trade agreements. Unlike Trump, who wants to kill such programs (the ACA, for example). Additionally Trump wants to hurt poor people by cutting Social Safety net programs drastically and push through enormous tax cuts for the benefit of the wealthy (he's a typical Republican in this regard).

Bernie Sanders should have been the Democratic potus candidate. I'm not saying I think he would have won, only that I KNOW he would have had a better shot. Hillary Clinton was the wrong candidate (even though I'd have liked to see a woman elected president, and YES, I did vote for her). But Bernie Sanders (with his record of opposition against job-killing free trade agreements) was the better candidate. He'd still of had to contend with the Russia meddling. And, instead of misogyny and Clinton-hate, he'd have faced antisemitism and bullshit about him being a Commie who was trying to buy votes with "free stuff".

Bernie Sanders would have won the votes of previously Democratic-voting Rust Belt Blue-collar workers (people who were with him in the primary, but switched to Trump when Bernie didn't secure the nomination). And that, I think, would have made the difference. There would have been no sabotage from James Comey either.

[1] "From 1932 to 1968, the Democratic Party was obviously the majority party. During that time period, the Democrats had won seven out of nine presidential elections, and their agenda gravely affected that undertaken by the Republican Eisenhower administration" (source: Wikipedia/Timeline of modern American conservatism). This period of time is know as the New Deal coalition. As per Wikipedia, "FDR forged a coalition that included the Democratic state party organizations, city machines, labor unions, blue collar workers, minorities (racial, ethnic, sexual and religious), farmers, white Southerners, people on relief, and intellectuals".
[2] " was the 1993 fight over the North American Free Trade Agreement that saw the Clinton wing of the Democratic Party stick the knife deep into the back of its longtime ally, organized labor". (Source: How the Democrats Lost Touch on Trade by Thomas Frank. Politico, September/October 2016).
[3] As per a 4/23/2015 CBS News article, "in 2008, then-Sen. Obama ran as a skeptic of free trade agreements and even vowed during the primary to renegotiate NAFTA"... according to the former president "I think that we had a stretch of a couple of decades where, in part because of globalization, you had manufacturing moving to other places in search of low wages, no environmental standards, no labor standards. So trade deals haven't always worked for us".

SWTD #390

Monday, September 04, 2017

Trump Will Be Impeached For Getting A BJ In The White House Oval Office (A Prediction On Which I Will Be Proven Correct, Mark My Words!)

Perjury about a blowjob is not nearly as serious as perjury about a Russian attack on our democracy ~ Laurence Tribe (dob 10/10/1941) a professor of constitutional law at Harvard who has argued before the Supreme Court 36 times (6/11/2017, CNN).

I am predicting that the Russia nonsense will go nowhere. Mueller (if Trump doesn't fire his partisan ass) will find nothing. Because Trump did not collude with Russia (according to Trump and his deluded trumpanzees). Which isn't to say that I think trump won't be impeached. He will. But it will be for receiving oral sex in the Oval Office. Mark my words!

BTW his wife Melania isn't the one who has (or will) blow him in the Oval. According to what I've read, "Melania is fully aware... not bothered [and] was planning on leaving the marriage until Trump's unexpected victory". What she was not bothered by is that Trump has a mistress.

The mistress's name? It's Hope Hicks, and she currently serves as the White House Director of Strategic Communications. Hicks, a 28 year old former model, who previously had no experience or interest in politics. Now she travels everywhere with him. BTW, rumor has it that Melania is also cheating. Her beau is "Henry Siemers, head of security at Tiffany's in Trump Tower".

Despite these rumors not being confirmed, I think we can be fairly certain that they are completely true. A cheater cheats, and Trump is a proven cheater. When he bragged to Billy Bush that he can kiss women without their consent and even sexually assault them (grab them by the privates) just because he is a celebrity, he was married to Melania.

Donald and trophy wife #3 were married the same year (1/22/2005) that he told the Bush cousin that women are mere sex objects to him and he can do whatever he wants to a woman he finds attractive (this was sometime in September of 2005). What woman wouldn't want him, given the fact that he's an alpah male?

Obviously the Trumpster never considered staying loyal to his new (3rd) wife. Cheating, like grabbing pussy, is something he is entitled to. And, if (as a wealthy real estate magnate and reality TV star) he thought he was irresistible to women, why the hell would that change now that he's the most powerful man in the world? In addition to cheating with Hopie AKA "The Hopester" another rumor says "Trump has a regular girlfriend in Florida that he sees at Mar-a-Lago".

So maybe he isn't screwing Hope in the WH oval (or any room in the WH), given the fact that it's a dump, but, really, all that needs to happen is for him to lie about under oath about the extra-marital affair. When Trump was "elected" POTUS he was facing an unpresidented 3500 lawsuits. Some of them have been resolved in the 6 months of his illegitimate predisency, but new ones have been filed.

Get him under oath in regards to ONE of these lawsuits. Then, when the plaintiff's counsel asks him if he's cheated on Melania and he answers "no" (which any cheating man would do)? Then we've got him! The only problem would be that Trump would likely decline to answer and his lawyer would probably object. But a good lawyer could find a way to make the question relevant, I think. Maybe not, but it's worth a try.

Additionally, Trump might testify under oath in regards to the Robert Mueller investigation. Trump declared that he was "100 percent willing" to testify under oath about his conversations with former FBI directer Comey. Trump says Comey's characterization of their conversation was not accurate. "I didn't say that" Trump insisted when Comey testified that the predisent asked for loyalty. Also, "to let Flynn investigation go".

As we all know, Trump has not testified, but that does not mean that he won't be asked to. Trump could be asked to testify about his conversations with Comey, or for some other reason. Although Trump would likely refuse (and no law could compel him to appear before Congress under oath). And we all know he lied about being "100 percent willing". Because DJT is a pathological liar.

Trump will likely actively avoid testifying under oath. In regards to any kind of lawsuit or in regards to the Trump-Russia investigation. But, back before Trump was sworn in and Trump University lawsuit was still active, NBC news reported that "yes, Trump can be compelled to testify". Because "The US Supreme Court settled that question in 1997 when it ruled unanimously that a sexual misconduct lawsuit filed by Paula Jones against President Bill Clinton could proceed".

So, if Trump testifies under oath and lies about his affairs? Then the Republicans (once proof of the affair/affairs is presented), will be obligated to impeach. Because, as we all know, lying under oath about cheating on your spouse is an impeachable offense. Although he might not be removed from office, as the last guy who was impeached for a BJ wasn't. Which is why I think that the plaintiff's lawyer should ask as many questions as possible that Trump might answer with a lie.

Lying about threatening James Comey's job if he did not drop the investigation into Mike Flynn, or lying about his involvement in spinning a lie for Donald Junior (re his answer to an offer to collude with a Russian lawyer re the Russian government's support for candidate Trump) might not be as bad as lying about a BJ, but the argument still could be made that lying under oath is lying under oath. Couldn't it? Also, remember that Trump has a record of lying under oath, so it should be easy to catch him in a lie if he has no choice but to testify.

(Image: DJT smooches his alleged mistress, Hope Hicks).

Honestly, though, I think it's financial crimes that will be Trump's downfall. It's my understanding that Mueller has brought on a lot of people specializing in these kind of crimes. Mueller isn't just looking into collusion. Just as the investigation into Bill Clinton started with White Water, moved on to other things, then finally settled on lying about a BJ, Mueller doesn't have to make his case on collusion.

Not that I think there wasn't collusion (as there was nothing to White Water), only that Mueller can nail Trump on something else. Which I think he will. Looks like it's going to be money-laundering for Russian criminal elements. For which NY AG Eric Schneiderman might file charges. Against Paul Manafort - applying pressure to force him to flip on Trump (SWTD #386). If Manafort flips (because Trump can only pardon him for federally filed charges, not charges filed in NY) it could get really ugly for Trump. Bring on the popcorn.

Video: Ladies Man Leon Phelps (Tim Meadows) welcomes Monica Lewinsky to help take calls about dating at work and phone sex, followed by a call from Linda Tripp (5/8/1999). Note that this is the actual Monica Lewinsky, but not the actual Linda Tripp - who was portrayed by John Goodman (6:33).

SWTD #389

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Donald Trump Is A Racist. Donald Trump Is Evil

And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light ~ The Christian Bible, 2 Corinthians 11:14.


People have been speculating if Donald John Trump, the 45th person to occupy the White House (as the alleged duly-elected President), is mentally ill. Also, whether or not he could be removed from office due to mental illness (under the 25th amendment). A March 2017 Slate article by Steven Reisner, however, says he isn't mentally ill, but evil.

Stop Saying Donald Trump Is Mentally Ill [article excerpt] If we are to combat Trump, we must understand how he has elevated and manipulated certain American values, like greed and exceptionalism, to undermine so many others, like truth, justice, and the American Constitution.

This is not madness. And the impulsivity, threats, aggression, ridicule, denial of reality, and mobilization of the mob that he used to get there are not symptoms. It is time to call it out for what it is: evil.

Arendt [explains in her book, The Origins of Totalitarianism] that we in the West are susceptible to such evil precisely because we cannot conceive of it. We prefer to believe that people are innately good, and evil is some kind of "fall from grace", an anomaly, a madness perhaps, but one always "explained by comprehensible motives". We are at a loss to confront Trumpism, because his strategy is evil for its own ends, and thus reflects, as Arendt described, "a system of values so radically different from all others, that none of our traditional legal, moral, or common sense utilitarian categories could any longer help us to come to terms with, or judge, or predict their course of action".

The "Arendt" referred to in the article is the Jewish political theorist Johanna Hannah Arendt (10/14/1906 to 12/4/1975) who was born in Russian, emigrated to Germany, and later "escaped from Europe during the Holocaust, becoming an American citizen" in 1950.

Arendt's first major book was titled The Origins of Totalitarianism (1951), which traced the roots of Stalinism and Nazism in both antisemitism and imperialism. In it, Arendt argues that totalitarianism was a "novel form of government", different from other forms of tyranny in that it applied terror to subjugate mass populations rather than just political adversaries.

Wikipeida notes that "the book sold out on Amazon in January 2017, as part of a bump in interest in books about totalitarianism around the inauguration of President Donald Trump.


Following the violence (including one murder by a Hitler admirer using his car) in Charlottesville the predisent blamed "many sides" and did not specifically call out the Alt-Right (whom Bannon's Breitbart is a platform for). "Thank you President Trump for your honesty & courage to tell the truth about #Charlottesville & condemn the leftist terrorists in BLM/Antifa" an extremely pleased David Duke tweeted after Trump walked back his condemnation of White Supremacists.

This would be the condemnation (2 days after his initial "many sides" comment) that he was obviously urged to make by his advisors and did begrudgingly. It did not take him long to go back to blaming "many sides" and the mythical "Alt-Left" in a display of #bothsidesirism that the side that is really to blame loves.

"Hispanics and African Americans have lower average IQs than whites and are more genetically predisposed to commit crimes" according to Alt-Right leader Richard Spencer. He also "wants America to become a White ethno-centric nation". Despite this, Spencer says the Alt-Right is not racist. Because racism is "irrational hate".

If your hate is "rational" it's A-OK. "They're not racist; it's just that they hold beliefs that members of other ethnicities or religions are inherently inferior and universally hold immutable characteristics that determine their behaviours" (Link).

I doubt Trump believes he is a racist. Yet he clearly is. Self delusion seems to be a trait common among racists. They rarely identify as such. The Imperial Wizard of the KKK says "We don't hate people because of their race, I mean, we're a Christian organization". Evil does not admit that it is evil. That would be a warning to the rest of us and could hamper recruiting. Evil deludes itself into believing that it's good and what it's doing is good and being done for rational reasons (see: the banality of evil, a term coined by Arendt).

Trump's Birtherism, hiring of Steve Bannon and Sebastian Gorka, love for conspiracy theorist Alex Jones (who believes Israel Planned 9/11), his running for the presidency on a platform of keeping out the evil Muslims and rapist Mexicans (Link)...

Also his call for the police to bash heads to quell violence perpetrated overwhelmingly by Black thugs. I refer to Trump's decision to reverse Obama's move away from the use of private prisons (hellholes where corruption and abuse run rampant), AG Sessions desire for maximum prison sentences, Trump's endorsement of police brutality, lifting of Obama's ban on the sale of military equipment to the cops, pardoning of the Constitutional Rights violating racist Sheriff Joe, etc. The message is that we need to get tough on the criminal minorities.

Given the fact that racism and bigotry are evil (and Trump is a racist and a bigot), the obvious conclusion is that Trump is evil. Does it mean anything specifically that more self-identified White Evangelicals supported Trump (81%) than any past Republican president? It's too soon to know yet if Trump's evil is something more than banal. If Trump's "actions were motivated by a sort of stupidity which was wholly unexceptional" (how Arndt described the evil of Adolf Eichmann) or if there is something else going on (something more in line with the quotation at the top of my post).

Image: Trump smooches Pepe. Other images can be found of Trump as Pepe, Pepe in a red MAGA hat, etc. Pepe is a symbol of the Alt-Right. Trump HIMSELF retweeted a Pepe meme (Pepe as Trump)! It is in his twitter feed (10/13/2015). He hasn't deleted it, proof that he didn't retweet the meme mistakenly, not knowing the meaning of Pepe. This tweet was another shout out to the Alt-Right. Something he did (and continues to do) because Trump supports the Alt-Right. Because Trump is a White Nationalist. Or a fellow traveler at least. This can NOT be denied!

See also: Shitposters of Free Kekistan WYM #15 for more on the Alt-Right #trumpdupes who refer to themselves as residents of Kekistan (a fictional country). These are a-holes who engage in "shitposting" (act of being a proud a-hole online).

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Friday, August 25, 2017

Predisent Fart aka MAGA Man

...Trump dominates the news cycle the way a fart dominates the interior of a Volkswagen Beetle ~ John Oliver (dob 4/23/1977) host of HBO's Last Week Tonight, 2/20/2017.

Donald Jackass Trump currently serves as the 45th predisent of the United States (although hopefully for not much longer). Note that "predisent" is a misspelling that comes from Trump lawyer Marc Kasowitz. In a lie-filled letter (written in response to former FBI Director James Comey's Senate testimony), Kasowitz introduced himself as "Predisent Trump's personal lawyer" (and this was not the only misspelling contained in the embarrassing document).

I will use this spelling of "president" when referring to the anus-lipped BLOTUS because I refuse to refer to this asshole using a title that denotes respect. When I use this alternate spelling of "president" I intend disrespect. I also, given the fact that the election was stolen, do not recognize him as legitimately installed by We The People. Therefore (my definition) of "predisent" is a CIC who is illegitimate.

Additionally, I will refer to him as "Fart" because, in England, "trump" refers to the passing of gas via the rectum. "Predisent Fart" is appropriately respectful title for a misogynistic, sexual-assaulting, racist, bigoted, White Nationalist enabling, Russia colluding, psycopathic, low IQ, profoundly incompetent reality teevee buffoon, birther, malignant narcissist, pathological liar, fake Christian syphilitic pedophile.

As well as an evil asshole, Alex-Jones-influenced conspiracy theorist, laughably bad spray tanned orange-skinned simpleton with an extremely limited vocabulary (according to the actual author of The Art of the Deal, which Trump likely hasn't even read).

It is also my understanding that MAGA doesn't stand for "Make America Great Again", but "Massive Ass Gas Attack", something Prez Fart (Facebook page) wages against the American people on a daily basis. In that this predisent STINKS. I refer to his presidency as well as the man himself. If you haven't guessed it, I hate his guts. Much more than the doofus that served as the 43rd president, george w. bush. And he is a war criminal!

Image: Predisent Fart passes gas from his rectum.

SWTD #387. See also WYM #10.

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Man Who Farts In Deep Doo-Doo. Will He Or Flynn Bring Down Trump?

This thing is going into a critical phase. When they start raiding your offices for documents, they think you're lying. They think that you are hiding information ~ Malcolm Nance on the Stephanie Miller Show, 8/9/2017.

According to what I've heard, Trump ex campaign manager Paul Manafort's nickname is "man-who-farts". Due to "his inability to hold them in during meetings". Today it was revealed that (on 7/26/2017) the residence of the Gassy One were raided by the FBI at the direction of Robert Mueller. They were looking for evidence re the investigation into the corrupt Trump administration.

The FBI conducted a pre-dawn raid at the home of President Donald Trump's former campaign chairman ... [Seized] documents are said to include notes Manafort took while attending a meeting with Donald Trump Jr and a Russian lawyer at Trump Tower in June 2016. (FBI Raided Paul Manafort's Home by Inae Oh. Mother Jones 8/9/2017).

So what do those notes say? Do they include dates on which WikiLeaks dumped material stolen by Russian hackers from the DNC? Remember when Hillary Clinton said "The Russians, in my opinion ... could not have known how best to weaponize that information unless they have been guided ... by Americans"?

The popular vote winner of the 2016 POTUS election said "she is leaning in a direction that suggests the two coordinated" (Russia and the Trump campaign). Was it during this meeting that the coordination was discussed? The eponymously named progeny of Trump insists that he was promised dirt on HRC. His response was "I love it". His story is that he was lied to and got no dirt.

The email (from Rob Goldstein) said the requested meeting concerned the Russian government's support for DJT's presidential campaign. Was Goldstone ("a British music publicist and former tabloid journalist" with ties to the Russian oligarch Aras Agalarov) mistaken? The Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya (one of the 5 Reds at the collusion conference) denies any ties to the Russian government. Surely she is telling the truth.

Why was Russian money launderer Irakly Kaveladze also present? Was it to remind Donald Junior how deep his father was in with the Russian mob? "You've been in with us for years, so you better go along to get along". Was that the message that Irakly imparted?

There is no doubt in my mind that Trump is dirty (and likely knew about this meeting). The Russians have been working him for decades, slowly reeling him in. Trump happily accepted their money, selling them Trump properties at inflated prices. "Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets... We see a lot of money pouring in from Russia" the Junior Trump said circa 2008.

After shifting through the documents from the man-who-farts, will Mueller have enough dirt on Farty to force him to flip on Trump? Bill Plamer, "an indie journalist who is usually a step or two ahead on Trump-Russia coverage" says "Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort may go to prison over Donald Trump Jr's Russia meeting after all".

Kushner initially lied about all of his Russia meetings on his SF-86 security clearance form, which is an imprisonable felony. Once that fact was exposed earlier this summer, he went back and listed hundreds of foreign meetings, including the one he attended with Donald Trump Jr and Russia. Manafort has been trying to get himself out from under his own failure to register as a paid foreign agent of the Kremlin, and has also confessed to Trump Jr's meeting. But if their "confessions" omitted the fact that a Russian spy like Rinat Akhmetshin was also in the meeting, then it means they blew their last shot at trying to avoid prison. (7/14/2017 Palmer Report article).

According to Wikipedia Rinat Akhmetshin is a "former Soviet counterintelligence officer". Meaning she worked for the FSB (the Federal Security Service, which is the principal security agency of Russia). This is the organization previously known as the KGB. Back in December of 2016 Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner met with Russian Sergey Gorkov. Gorkov chairs the state-owned Vnesheconombank (VEB), although he is a graduate of the academy that trains FSB agents (he was appointed to his current position by Putin).

It was also during this time period (the transition from the Obama to the Trump administration) that Kushner met with senior diplomat Sergey Kislyak to discuss setting up back-channel communications with Russia. "Back-channel talks have been common in US diplomacy". "Obama did it" is their defense. But the US has one president and one administration at a time. Kushner's back-channeling with Russia occurred before Trump was inaugurated and not something he should have been doing.

Meeting with Kislyak and failing to disclose it, BTW, was the reason Flynn was fired. But Kushner met with Sergey Kislyak and Natalia Veselnitskaya and didn't disclose. His lawyers say it was a "mistake". Later he amended his security clearance form to include the Kislyak meeting, but not the Veselnitskaya meeting.

I guess he "forgot". Because the meeting between him, Farty and Don Junior didn't result in them getting the HRC dirt that Veselnitskaya promised (as part of the Russian government's support for his father's presidential campaign). So they (Kushner and DJT#2) SAY. But Kushner is a liar. Kushner also met with the VEB chair Sergey Gorkov and fibbed about the why. VEB, BTW, "is not actually a bank at all [but more like] a slush fund for Russian President Vladimir Putin".

VEB says the meeting with Kushner had to do with "his family's real estate business" (re him "seeking financing for its troubled $1.8 billion purchase of an office building on Fifth Avenue in NY"), but Trump's White House "says the meeting was unrelated to business and was one of many diplomatic encounters".

However, as I noted earlier, VEB isn't a bank, so why would they be financing Kushner? Also, the "bank" has sanctions on it and Americans aren't supposed to be doing business with it. This being a "diplomatic encounter" does not pass the smell test as far as I'm concerned, Gorkov not being a diplomat. Clearly the Trump administration lied.

So what's really going on? I have my suspicions. Suspicions that involve things like collusion to spread fake news via social media designed to swing the election to DJT. And DJT being "persuaded" to collude due to his decades long involvement in Russian money laundering. All we can do now is wait and see if Mueller is able to uncover the necessary evidence. If he is allowed to, I think he should be able to.

Then we'll see if the Republicans are willing to impeach. Although, even if there is overwhelming evidence, trumpanzees have indicated they will not believe it. According to these brainwashed rubes (and the fake news Trump ass lickers manipulating them) Mueller is busy fabricating evidence.

WikiLeaks asshole Julian Assange recently tweeted (8/4/2017) "Is Robert Mueller a dirty cop?". I've noticed several new "news" outlets that, as soon as an outrageous and absurd lie escapes the orange anus lips of the BLOTUS, release articles backing up his nonsense. The Horn News and The Real News Network are two I'd never heard of before (although both say they existed before Trump). Trump himself (people close to him acting with his approval) has launched Real News of the Week from Trump Tower. The sycophantic bullshit (half truths, lies, taking credit for Obama accomplishments) is viewable on the BLOTUS Facebook page.

If Republicans admit that whatever Mueller uncovers has any validity (unless he SOMEHOW clears Trump), trumpanzees will LOSE THEIR SHIT! Knowing this, will Congressional Republicans act? I seriously do not know. I would ask "how could they not", but I was surprised by Trump's "win". So I'm not making any predictions regarding impeachment.

Paul Manafort, while he acted as an agent of a foreign power, never registered as one. Farty engaged in "lavishly-compensated work for a pro-Russian Ukrainian political party". My guess would be that Farty did not care that he was committing a felony due to the 17 million large he was gifted (Michael Flynn broke the same law when he did consulting work for the Turkish government. Although his "consulting" included discussing an illegal kidnapping of a Turkish cleric living in PA. Likely to be imprisoned and tortured).

By the way, did you know that in England the BLOTUS is known as "Donald Fart"? The reason is that, in Britain, the word "trump" is "slang for noisy flatulence". The man-who-farts and Donald Fart teamed up to assault America (with the help of Russia) via a nasty and vile Massive Ass Gas Attack. #MAGA!

Now, due to Trump's incompetence, potentially millions of lives are threatened with nuclear annihilation. Fucking trumpanzees! Their idiocy could destroy the world as we know it (God's will if it happens according to an evangelical Trumper). This incompetent buffoon has GOT to go!

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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Donald Trump Is An Evil Asshole (Thoughts On The Defeat Of TrumpCare, So Called Skinny Repeal & The GOP's Bloodthirsty Desire To Murder People By Taking Away Their Insurance)

Insurers say if Trump follows through with his threats it will "throw markets into turmoil and even cause the type of death spiral Republicans in Congress have long warned against".

The ACA will not fail unless predisent Trump sabotages it. With this tweet he announces his intention to do just that. Yet he will still claim that ObamaCare "imploded" after entering a (Republican caused) death spiral. Because Trump is a dissembling POS with a loyal following of fanatical, moronic, brainwashed rubes eager to believe his lies (i.e. the Trump-aligned Right's "fake news" and "deep state" bullshit).

Barack Obama warned us that Trump is uniquely unqualified. "All the progress we've made these last 8 years goes out the window if we don't win this election" the former president said 5 days before a reality TV show buffon was "elected" (by losing the popular vote). With the help of Kris Kobach and Vladimir Putin.

According to the opening dialogue of Comedy Central's The President Show, Donald Trump is the "45th and FINAL president". Obviously a joke, although one that could turn out to be an accurate prediction. IMO the longer this pathetic, racist, misogynist, narcissistic, low IQ, evil, bullying butthole is allowed to remain president the greater the chance.

Yertle the Turtle (Mitch McConnell) and Eddie Munster (Paul Ryan) would have moved on already if not for (what Bob Cesca refers to as) Trump's "idiot strength" (he is too dumb to know when to give up). Trump has outright violated or blatantly ignored other campaign promises, yet this one is important for him to keep. Likely because the ACA is known by the stupider of his adherents only as "ObamaCare" (they are unaware that the ACA and ObamaCare are the same thing). Everything "Obama" must be destroyed.

Eddie has big plans to cause great suffering among the rabble. Plans he has been salivating to implement for decades (Paul Ryan Says He's Been Dreaming Of Cutting Medicaid Since He Was In College). I'm not sure what Yertle's deal is. I'm sure he hates Obama, though not as irrationally as Trump hates him.

Most Congressional Republicans were (and still are) clearly onboard with the bloodthirsty plan to murder Americans by making their health care insurance more unaffordable. I have to wonder what lies they would have spun if their legislation had passed and that inevitably happened. Given the fact that they said their motivation was to bring DOWN health insurance costs. It boggles the mind.

Perhaps they are convinced that Trump's sham Election Integrity Commission means they no longer have to answer to the voters. Trump told us the election was going to be rigged (SWTD #355). Now, as predisent, Trump has tasked Kobach with increasing the rigging of future elections (eliminate even more minorities via Crosscheck). Suppress enough votes and Republicans will win every election going forward. Dead people (despite Republican fantasies) also do not vote.

SWTD #385

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Pervert-In-Chief Regals Young Boys With Tale Of Rich Man Who Had Lots Of Yacht Sex

Look at those hands, are they small hands? And, if they're small, something else must be small. I guarantee you there's no problem. I guarantee ~ Candidate Trump talking about the size of his penis, 3/3/2016.

Pervert-In-Chief Donald Trump visited the Boys Scouts during their 2017 National Scout Jamboree (7/19/2017 to 7/28/2017 at the Summit Bechtel Reserve WV). BLOTUS, (in a speech delivered on the 23rd) rambled on about his "win" and got the audience to boo ex-president Obama, even though "every other president to speak at the Scout Jamboree in its 80 years of existence addressed purely nonpartisan themes".

An official for the Scouts later issued an apology. I presume because some of the parents were Democrats who did not appreciate Trump's bragging about his win yet again. Heck, even some Republicans must find this moron's fixation on "winning" tiring. Given the fact that all past presidents focused on actually doing the job ofter they got it. As opposed to bragging about "winning" the Electoral College (when he cheated). And lying about winning the popular vote.

Additionally (and inappropriately) Trump regaled the young boys with a tale of a rich man who sold his business for a lot of money... then bought a yacht on which he had lots of sex.

Real estate developer William Levitt built affordable houses on Long Island for returning vets following WWII. According to Slate, Levittown (name of the development) was "notorious for its refusal to accept applications from anyone other than whites".

Trump also (when he worked with his father circa 1973) discriminated against minorities. "Get rid of Blacks" Fred Trump told his 27-year-old son (re African Americans who were seeking to and already renting Trump apartments).

Although the racist BLOTUS skipped that part. The point of the story was that if you become successful you can get rich and buy a yacht. Then (presumably) what you do is invite women to join you on your yacht. Then you grab the bitches you lure onto your yacht by the pussy and otherwise sex them up.

Trump got away with telling this inappropriate story (I guess) because he didn't spell out what he was talking about. But people can read between the lines. The disgusting pervert thinks banging as many hot chicks as you can is just what you do if you're a rich Man. And the 12-year-old Scouts he was addressing knew it. "You know life" Trump remarked.

"The president was met with uproarious howling and applause, so the kids clearly knew what he was talking about and were down to hear about a millionaire's carnal fuck spree"... Maggie Serota of Death and Taxes wrote. "There was so much sucking and fucking on that yacht, believe me. Playboy bunnies, bowls full of coke... bowls! You know. You know life"... Samantha Bee said, rephrasing Trump's anecdote on the 7/26/2017 airing of her Full Frontal TBS program.

So why only an apology for talking politics? Where is the apology from the leadership of the Scouts for allowing a sexual deviant to warp the minds of young boys?

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